Why Do You Need to Make a will?


Obligation (or Sunnah) to create a will as mentioned in the Quran

Right Person

Ensure that your affairs are settled through appointing the right person


Gives ease of mind to your loved ones

Fast, Straightforward, Legally & Shariah Compliant!

Fulfill your Islamic obligation by using our I-wasiat.sg today.

  • Quick and easy online will preparation
  • Approved by Singapore lawyer and local Islamic scholar
  • 100% secure payment & storage
  • Provides personal consultations if required
  • Affordable
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How i-Wasiat Works

  • 1. Create an account and login

    Enter your email and password to create an account. Verify the new account via your email. Once verified you can use it to login to access the will.

  • 2. Fill out your will online

    Read the information provided and complete the list of questions to draft your will. You have the option to pay for and include two witnesses on the will.

    Note: You can also purchase the will without the witness option. If your case is complicated it is advisable to book a consultancy services with us.

  • 3. Make payment and print your PDF will

    Once payment is made ( with or without witnesses) your PDF document will be sent to you via email with an expiry link. Download and print your PDF will.

  • 4. Sign and keep it safe

    If you buy the will with a witness option we will help arrange for two witnesses to sign the will to make it valid. Keep your new will somewhere safe but accessible.

Not sure where to start?

Read some of this commonly asked questions

Our wasiat is vetted by a lawyer and Islamic scholar to ensure that typical situations are covered. In addition, for the online will to be valid, you will need to have two witnesses sign the draft.
It costs $99 to draft your will online.
Once you have created your will, you will need to have it signed and witnessed by two people. The will also needs to be kept in a safe place. FSAC also offers safekeeping services for you to keep your will and access when you need it.
Yes, you can call us @ +65 90225179 if you have any queries. FSAC also offers personal consultation service which our wasiat agent can assist you with in making a customized wasiat. You will need to make an appointment with one of our agents for this service. Please contact us personally for our consultation fees. In addition, our wasiat online has simplified the process with explanation provided on the side.
As long as the will meets legal requirements, you do not need to have a lawyer to draft and witness it.
To ensure data privacy, we ensure that each client is required to sign in so that their data is safely kept within the system.
  • Download and install google authenticator app from play store/apps store.
  • In the dashboard please click ENABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.
  • Scan the qrcode from google authenticator app.
  • Insert pin from app to form.

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