About i-Wasiat

iWasiat.sg is the first online wasiat generator compliant with Shariah law in Singapore. With our comprehensive online wasiat generator, you can have your document ready within minutes!


Why choose i-Wasiat?

1.     Approved by Singapore lawyer and local Islamic scholar

Applying your will online does not invalidate the legal status of the will. iWasiat.sg is set to be compliant with Singapore and Shariah Law.

2.     Quick and easy online will preparation

With this online platform, you will be able to start your will anytime and anywhere at your convenience. There will be simple step-by-step guide to help you through your application process.

3.     Provides personal consultations if required

If your will consists of multiple assets or is too complex, you can set a meeting with our consultants for us to assist you personally. Kindly note that iWasiat.sg caters to uncomplex will writing requests.  If you have very complex will requirement it is best to have a face-to-face consultation.

4.     Affordable

Writing a will through iWasiat costs only $99, which is lower compared to meeting with a lawyer or experienced consultants.

5.     100% secure payment

Once the will-writing process is completed, please ensure that you keep it in a safe place. We will only store a copy if you request to use our witnesses. Otherwise, you can have your own 2 witnesses.

As this is an online platform, payments are made through credit/debit cards or PayNow to our UEN. Hence, ensuring secure payment methods.


Other Services

Hibah Drafting

Hibah document tailored to your requirement in accordance with Shariah

Witness Service

Include us as a witness in your wasiat document