Frequenly Asked Question

This section contains frequently asked questions about wasiat and i-Wasiat.



What happens when a person passes away without a wasiat?

·     The assets are frozen upon death

·     The assets will be distributed according to faraid and you are not able to gift those to those you chose

·     The process to liquidate, administrate and distribute will be tedious without a wasiat


Terms commonly used in Islamic wasiat

·     Testator (Pewasiat) – A person who creates a will

·     Executor (Wasi) – A person is appointed by the testator to administer his estate and distribute the wealth in accordance with the beneficiaries stated in the wasiat

·     Beneficiary (Benefisiari) –  A person who will receive assets/gifts as nominated by the testator

·     Guardian (Penjaga) – An appointed person who become legal guardians to the testator’s children if they are still infants


Who can write a wasiat?

Under the Singapore law, the testator must be at least 21 years old to write a will.


What is the role of an executor?

The executor administers the testator’s estate upon his death. He or she needs to locate the wasiat, apply for the Grant of Probate, retrieve the assets and clear any expenses or debt first before distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries as nominated in the wasiat.


When is a wasiat executed?

The wasiat will be executed upon the death of the testator.



Is this online will valid?

Our wasiat is vetted by a lawyer and Islamic scholar to ensure that typical situations are covered. In addition, for the online will to be valid, you will need to have two witnesses sign the draft.


How much does it cost?

It costs $99 to draft your will online. However, we are currently having an Opening Promo where you can draft your will from as low as $69. The promotion ends on 31/12/2021.


What should I do after I have created my will?

Once you have created your will, you will need to have it signed and witnessed by two people. The will also needs to be kept in a safe place.


If I have questions, can I ask someone to assist?

Yes, you can call us @ +65 9022 5179 for any queries. FSAC also offers personal consultation service which our wasiat agent can assist you in making a customized wasiat. You will need to make an appointment with one of our agents for this service. Please contact us personally for our consultation fees. In addition, our wasiat online has simplified the process with an explanation provided on the side.


Do I need a lawyer to make the will valid?

As long as the will meets legal requirements, you do not need to have a lawyer to draft and witness it.


How can I ensure that my data is protected?

To ensure data privacy, we ensure that each client is required to sign in so that their data is safely kept within the system.


How to activate two-factor authentication?

a.       Download and install the google authenticator app from play store/apps store.

b.       In the dashboard, please click ENABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

c.       Scan the QRcode from the google authenticator app.

d.       Insert pin from app to form.